Health Insurance

We look towards our family when we need encouragement, love and support. Family makes us feel secure. So, it is our responsibility towards our family members when it comes to ensuring a secure future for them. Sound planning for the family household expenses is of utmost importance to prevent a financial crunch. However, unexpected expenditures in times of medical emergency can hamper a family’s budget to a great extent. Thus, opting for health insurance plans for family is absolutely necessary for safeguarding one’s family budget. This is particularly true, given the rising costs of quality medical care in our country.

Health insurance plans for family are designed to provide complete coverage for the medical treatment for more than one member of a family

So, Health Insurance Policy provides protection against medical expenses that you might incur during hospitalization due to illness, disease or accident

Cost of healthcare is rising rapidly.  With the introduction of new technology & medicines, the cost of medical treatment may become unaffordable for majority of individuals.  You should be ready to protect yourself and your family against any uncertain medical emergencies.

Tax Benefits: Policyholders of health insurance plans for family can enjoy tax deductions, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

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